Arkelis® Methods for Organization & Management


Because improvements of Organization are permanent,

Because, due to the crisis, companies have to focus on their core added-value, and find new markets,

Because talents become rare

Because consensus are often difficult to find out without an external help,

we advise and help our Clients implementing the Arkelis® Methodologies

  • Evaluate their current organization and asset their Human resources
  • Optimize their charts and develop new organizational structures
  • Monitor and evaluate the implementation of changes
  • Anticipate future events, and risks, and get prepared
  • Reorganize the divisions, and train / coach Executives and Managers.


Besides, we promote a specific Arkelis® Method in order to manage Companies which have not yet filled all the key positions.
One of our best successes has been the reorganization of a French Cable Company with this method.
All the Executives have been trained to this Arkelis® Method.



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