Some Arkelis® Consulting and Training Success Stories

Examples of success stories thanks to Arkelis® Methodologies in this field


Benchmark of the French and European market in the area of written communication

Audit of the internal “mailing” Process – Arkelis® Methodological evaluation of the current documents

Assessment of the Company positioning on the market, of its strengths and weaknesses, of its values

Definition of e-mails/mails segments. Arkelis® Method applied to documents of each segment

Proposition of new attractive Arkelis® layouts, structured in an efficient way

Definition of the Arkelis® structure of content of mails and emails

Integration of data in order to provide more value to the Company and differenciate it from its competitors

Arkelis® Training of the internal teams in order to use the Arkelis® Method and develop a best practice



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