Optimization of the written communication is one of the key factors of success of Companies. Mails and emails directly get to the end-user and are a very powerful tool to reach him/her

Multinational and national Groups intensively use emails

Many groups, such as banks, insurance groups, telecommunications operators, frequently send multiple documents (including bills) to their clients

Internally: they look for best practices for their usage of messaging systems (letters, mails, SMS). They can therefore avoid conflicts, loss of time, loss of confidential data, which may be the result of “chaotic communication”

With clients: it is more and more necessary that they immediately understand letters, emails, and SMS issued by the Company

Its image, and the satisfaction of its customers, is strongly dependant of the quality of these written documents.
Furthermore, top-quality mails and emails avoid useless calls to Customer Care, and therefore this decreases costs.


Arkelis has developed a specific method in order to optimize the internal mail system, create new layouts, as well as a structured content for documents.

We also produce renewed documents, and train internal teams,

With this method, not only the Client Company can issue high-level quality documents. It can also improve its image, decrease operational costs, and differenciate from its competitors.



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