Arkelis® Method for Messaging Systems

Optimization of the written communication is one of the key factors of success of Companies. Mails and e-mails directly get to the end-user and are a very powerful tool in the Relation.

Multinational and national Private Groups as well as Public Institutions intensively use e-mails, internally and externally. Banks, Insurance and Health groups, Telecommunications providers, Travel services Companies and most of others Major companies, frequently send multiple documents (including bills) to their subscribers.

The impact of the quality of written communication is such that major Companies and Institutions look for best practices for messaging systems (letters, mails, SMS). They can therefore avoid unsatisfaction, loss of time, loss of confidential data, which may occur due to weaknesses of the communication.

Subscribers and Employees satisfaction depends on immediately understanding and appreciation of letters, e-mails, and SMS received from Companies.
The image of the senders, as well as their relationship with the receivers, are strongly dependant of the quality of the content as well as the appearance of these written documents.
Furthermore, top-quality mails and e-mails significantly decrease subscribers calls to Customer Services, and therefore the Companies costs.


We promote our specific Arkelis® method for optimizing messages in order to create new layouts, as well as a structured content for documents. It is an internationally known and proven Method, with high degree of satisfaction for both our Clients and their subscribers.

Not only our Clients Companies can issue high-level quality documents, but they can also improve their image, decrease operational costs, and differenciate from competition.

We also provide Arkelis® Methodologies for renewed documents, and Training of internal teams.

We are happy to share the data about Arkelis® Method financial benefits with our future Clients.



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