Arkelis® Services and Tariffication

Our services

Arkelis® Consulting and Training Services may be provided in French and English.
Out goal is to help Executives finding the best solutions to their challenges.

We operate in the fields of Strategy, Marketing, Communication, Management, Organization, Messaging systems, Innovation and Software. We have developed Arkelis® Methodologies in all these fields.

One of them (Arkelis® method for messages) allows our Clients to optimize the content of written messages/mails/SMS which they send to their subscribers.

We help our Clients getting closer to other Companies, find specific future Executives, and Partners.

Our missions may last from a few days to several years. Their objectives, duration, content and deliverables are defined together with our Clients.

We choose highly competent consultants, in order to build a specific team for each need. We will then implement Arkelis® Methodologies and Know-how.

We continuously offer availability and support on the long-run. This dynamic and interactive process is flexible and adaptated to our Clients needs.

Our Senior Partner keeps a permanent contact with the decision-makers.

Tariffication: Please call us: +33 6 61 41 53 81